What is The Underground Summit?
The summit is a creative experience that allows artists to collaborate with like-minded individuals for an entire week and simply make music!

How much does it cost?
Each ticket to The Summit is $350. However, $100 tickets are available to locals that do not need overnight housing accommodations. 

What does the ticket cost cover?
Your ticket covers housing at the selected venue for a week! Additionally, all beats, features, mixes, workshops, merchandise, and a live performance are all included while attending! Please note your airfare and transportation is NOT included.

What happens when we arrive at the destination?
When you arrive, you'll quickly find your assigned bed and unload your things. On the first night, we'll have an introduction and "family meal" to get to know each other. After that, start collaborating with other artists and making music! There will be free workshops throughout the week if you'd like to sit in on them. Additionally, on the last night we'll travel to a performance venue and everyone will have an opportunity to showcase what they made that week!

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